A Management of The Royal Thai Navy Public Accommodation

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จิตพร ภูวนาถนรานุบาล
ไตรวัฒน์ วิรยศิริ


Royal Thai Navy has provided Royal Thai Navy Public Accommodation as a welfare for Royal Thai Navy officers, employee and their family, in order to facilitate them in case of emergency call. The survey shows that each area has different conditions such as age, number of building, number of unit, management structure, maintenance and facilities

This study objects is aims to study current condition of Royal Thai Navy Public Accommodation, management information and management structure; the different or similar of management style. The purpose of this study is to develop the management performance of Royal Thai Navy Accommodation more efficiency. Base on the information, Royal Thai Navy Public Accommodation staffs’ interview and by survey.

The study shows that the structure of management in each area is divided into two style, by Naval Welfare Department which has a responsibility in Central area (Bangkok) and by Sattahip Naval Base which has a responsibility in specific area which has a responsibility in Sattahip area. There is also Royal Thai Navy Public Accommodation Committee that chosen from the Officer in each area to manage the accommodation. Until now, all of the unit that have a responsibility for the Navy accommodation is still not integration to work together so the management of engineering/operation and maintenance services of each accommodation are difference. The good management area has shown the better physical environment than the bad management area and some of the areas have hired the security guards from outsource company but the others have been supported the security guards by Navy Security department so there are not the same standard. Moreover, the fire preventing system and the preventive maintenance can’t be done on scheduled because of the lack of budget.

The conclusion of this study is the difference of management structure effect supervision planning, budget allocation and supporting. The supervision of each area has a different style and different factor that affect in each area. For example, ages of the accommodation, number of building, size of the area. Each supervision style has its pros and cons and the integration of management in each area is very important to initiate the standard of the Navy Accommodation.

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