The Comparison of Dweller’s Attitude for Space Planing of 4 Type Middle Class Condominium Room Units: Cast Study Lumpini Place Ratchada-Thapra, Aspire Sathorn-Thapra, The Key Wutthakat and Ideo S115

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This research aims to study the concepts for the space planning of 4 type condominium room units which are 30-35 square meters size. And to study the dweller’s space utilities and attitudes by using interview method with developers and using questionnaire method with 317 samples who live in the 4 type condominium room units. The result of surveys found that 1) The conditions of room units space planning is 5.2-5.5 meters structure span. Moreover, the cause of 4-different planning is from developer’s concept and sanitary system organization. 2) Most of the dwellers have 1-2 family members which have salary at 40,001–85,000 Baht per month. They usually stay in the room units for 5-7 days per week with the reasons of being 2nd home or separated live. The problems of pragmatic space are there being not enough space for storage and kitchen and being poor ventilation in bathroom which lead to the requirements of extra areas for storage, wardrobe and kitchen counter. Moreover, the room units space planning of Aspire Sathorn-Thapra and Ideo S115 are trended to be dweller’s satisfied types because of well proportion of spaces, well ventilation in kitchen and for Ideo S115 being well ventilation in bathroom resulted in creating of high quality living.

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