Key Success Factors in Baan Mankong Project : A Case Study of Baan Mankong Project in Nakhonpathom City Area

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The Baan Mankong project is a government project assigned by Community Organizations Development Institute to solve housing problems of low income communities around Thailand. It has been operating since 2003 and has solved the housing problem without a concrete evaluation of the project. From an initial survey of case studies. Some communities have achieved their goals, while many communities didn’t meet the goals. It is possible to assume that there must be key factors to the success of projects implementation. The purpose of this research is to study the stability of the Baan Mankong project, by analyzing information therefore, collected from literature review, concept, case study area survey, case study, as well as Interviews and questionnaires to evaluate the factors that contribute to the success of the implementation.

The study shows that The Baan Mankong project has empowered the community stronger, be able to manage the business and community activities with itself. And to enable the community sustainable living. Key factors to the fruition of Baan Mankong project are ; firstly, factors from the implementation process include the understanding of the community as a whole, and the system of rights of residents is consistent with reality. Secondly, physical factors include the size of the community that is not too big, and the housing pattern corresponds to the status of the residents and the location. Thirdly, social factors include participation in community activities and having community leaders with moral, ethical, and public mind. Lastly, financial factors such as the knowledge of financial responsibility, transparency in financial management, financial discipline, and ability to pay the mortgage for housing loan.

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