Modern Roofing Technology Applied in Thai Architectural Roofs Case Study : Works of National Artist

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            Modern Roofing Technology Applied in Thai Architectural Roofs education are studied through the best work of 3 National Artist with 5 case study for each person.
            After all 15 building research study are completed, the research reveals variety of building – types, including related in religion, Thai houses or public building. That results in a variety of design and select the most appropriate Modern Roofing Technology.
            A roof structure part have a lot of system to use, such as the old Thai roof structure that used the system of the Thai structure for carry rafter weight and purlin weight, currently roof system purlin is put over rafter, the steel truss system come instead of rafter, including the mixing system that applies each roof structure together. In addition each National Artist has designed and applied the old and modern construction technology together for the utility of building.
            In term of materials for used in the roof construction, they have woods, concrete and steel. It’s probably used together but depend on the suitability. The roof material has many types of tiles. They are chosen to use that depend on the orientation of each architect.
            The National Artist interview and building research found that the Modern Roofing Technology Applied in Thai Architectural Roofs able to identity a host of issues such as selection of roof structure, selection of materials for roof construction, selection of roofing materials, selection of decorative element, as well as rain protection and the roofing maintenance. According to the earlier point, it was made by the application of art by each national artist. Eventually it was born to be a roof in Thai architecture and respond with utility, beautiful, suitable and still Thai.

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