The Physical Environmental Management Guideline in Workplace for Elderly: A Case Study of The Criminal Court, Office of The Attorney General (Southern Bangkok Building)

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Pakpicha Junrote


Thailand has stepped into “Aging Society” since 2005. There has been an adjustment on age retirement. Some types of jobs in public sector has now extended the age retirement to 70 years old – which is the age that is still considered efficient for good work performance on some level. However, at this age, it requires a certain environment that can support deteriorated physical strength of elderly. Hence, this research has the purpose of studying work behavior of elderly and analyzing physical environment in workplace of elderly – in order to further develop the safest and most efficient solution to the environmental workplace appropriately. I have chosen to study 2 buildings such as The Criminal Court Building and The Officer of the Attorney General Building (Southern Bangkok Building). The two buildings are the sampling group of extended-age-retirement judicial officers. The research was conducted by interviews, observation, taking notes and photography in order to further analyze with related theories and find a further solution to the problem.
Based on the interview and survey at the 2 places, it has found that these physical strength and organs of the judicial officers have significantly declined such as sight and muscles. Their typical job responsibilities are mostly involved with analyzing data and cases that require a lot of concentration. In the meantime, the physical environment in the workplace does not fully support the decline of these employees’ physical strength and capability. Typical issues that were found – were stairs, elevators, bathroom and office room that are quite worn-out, as the buildings have been used for over 20 years. With this reason, there are some parts of these places in the buildings already run out of order and are not fixed, yet.
This study proposes universal design management and welcoming workplace approach such as adjusting brightness of lights appropriately to the type of work; using a flexible furniture that can support physical body of the elderly; and increasing spaces for contemplation for the elderly to rest during the day, as well as, a special work area for the elderly. Adapting the environment in the workplace appropriately to the elderly will help extending their work duration longer and also significantly aligning with the aging society plan of Thailand for the near future.

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