Management Policy Suggestions Concerning Temple Tourist Attraction Development as Creative Learning Resources

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อดิเทพพงศ์ วัชราภิรักษ์ (Aditheppong Watcharapirak)
คณิต เขียววิชัย (Kanit Kheovichai)


    This research aimed 1) to study the current status of temples that are classified as tourist attractions 2) to suggest policies concerning the management of temple tourist attractions and the development of these attractions to be creative learning resources. Based on mixed methods, data collection was accomplished by means of document researching, administering a set of 420 questionnaires, and conducting in-depth interviews with 11 key informants. The data obtained were analysed using SWOT Analysis and TOWS Matrix Analysis to synthesize the relationship between external and internal factors and suggest management policies concerning temple tourist attraction development as creative learning resources. Additionally, the developed suggestions were reviewed and commented by a group of experts with connoisseurship in this area.

The results showed that the management policy suggestions concerning temple tourist attraction development as creative learning resources provide guidelines for the development of tourist attractions in the temple category. To be an effective learning resource, cooperation of all sectors including the promotion of public relations, facilities, compound management, values of tourist attractions, activities, services, and tourism promotion targeting both general tourists and quality tourists. It is hoped that these tourists, in addition to sightseeing purposes, will obtain knowledge and be impressed with educational tourism, benefiting the temples, communities, and public and private sectors involved and meanwhile contributing to sustainable growth of tourism focusing on temples as creative learning resources. The researcher therefore presented eight component policy suggestions namely PAMAVASS, which include 1) Public Relation 2) Amenities 3) Management 4) Attractions 5) Value 6) Activity 7) Service 8) Support


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