Flow Experience in Learning Among Thai University

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สุพัทธ แสนแจ่มใส (Supat Sanjamsai)


Many teaching styles are designed and used in teaching and learning to aim for effective learning but students still have been found to be lack of motivation in studying. Therefore, this research aims to study the meaning and factors of flow experience in learning which based on the flow theory of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Multi-stage sampling was conducted to select a sample of 450 university students. Besides the data were divided into 2 phases: 1) The qualitative data for searching the meaning of flow experience and developing the measurement 2) The quantitative data for finding the factors of flow experience by using the instrument of flow experience in learning (45 items). The study found the meaning of flow experience reflect on intrinsic motivation that related to the educator. Meanwhile, the construct of flow experience in learning was to consist of challenge-skill balance with content, setting goal, positive feedback, merging, concentration, sense of control, loss of consciousness, time transformation, and autotelic experience. However, Situational factors also contributed to motivation of student especially educator and learning atmosphere. Thus, those who are involved in the education should design and promote the flow experience in learning.


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