Educational Administration Standards for Asian Schools

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วรกาญจน์ สุขสดเขียว (Vorakarn Suksodkiew)


The purpose of this research was to study the Educational Administration Standards for Asian Schools. The research implementation had two phases. First, research was conducted by the Ethnographic Delphi Futures Research (EDFR) technique. Second, the samples from 21 experts in education utilizing two instruments were collected. The data included: 1) In depth interview; based on Standard for Asian Schools. 2) The data form the same experts using Likert 5 Rating Scale questionnaire with 25 items. The statistical used for analyzing the data were Mode, Median, and Inter quartile range and Content Analysis. The results the Educational Administration Standards for Asian Schools were found that: 1. Academic Affairs administration consists of : Standardized of the Basic Education’s Curriculum should be prepared for the learning and teaching process to encourage analytical skills, by promoting the activities that use English and ASEAN languages for learning to develop, integrate knowledge to create products or innovations in education. Orient the educational guideline inclusive of multicultural and customs standards. Students can attend or transfer credits in ASEAN community. There should be an exchange of administrators, teachers, educational personnel and students In order to enhance knowledge and develop good relationships. 2. Budget administration consists of : Governments in ASEAN countries should provide resources and assets for supporting the education sector’s for sufficiency by using decentralization budgeting system (Performance-Based Budgeting : PBB). Stakeholder can be participate transparently and support in educational management to achieve the objectives. 3. Human resource administration consists of : Personal development with providing educational knowledge and skill by promoting activities with English and other ASEAN languages, developing the instructional digital technology with the same standards in ASEAN countries school. 4. General management consists of : General management in school consists of cultivation the practical and prepares student to be a part of the ASEAN community. Should provide resource center about ASEAN community in school. Self-study and features of technology have to be same standard in the ASEAN community and provided learning and environmental conditions conducive to energy conservation Student caring program is important for help and protect students who are learning disabilities to enhance their full potential.


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