Unmanned Aerial Vehicle under Air Navigation Act (in Thai)

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This article seeks to study on an unmanned aircraft vehicle (hereinafter: UAV) under Thai Air Navigation Act by comparing with the same rules and regulations of The United States of America (hereinafter: US), The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (hereinafter: UK), and The Republic of Singapore (hereinafter: Singapore).

According to the study, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has just one rule regarding UAV namely Article 8 of the Chicago Convention 1944 which stated that no aircraft capable of being flown without a pilot shall be flown without a pilot over the territory of a contracting State without special authorization by that State and in accordance with the terms of such authorization. For the US, UK, and Singapore, these states own particular rules and regulations on UAV which generate definition, classify, prescribe rules of registration, assign rules of Airworthiness Certificate acquisition, control the operation, and lay down principles of investigation in case of incident and accident of UAV. These particular rules and regulations aim to systematize the operation of the UAV so as to restrain any damage or human rights violation afterward. Moreover, investigation of the UAV accident is compulsory in order to prevent any accident caused by UAV in the future. As for Thailand, UAV regulations only exist in one article of the Air Navigation Act B.E.2497 which is implemented from Article 8 of the Chicago Convention 1944, 94th Thailand Civil Aviation Committee regulation on air traffic, and ministerial regulation of Ministry of Transport on authorization and conditions of external controlled pilotless aircraft operation B.E.2558. However, such regulations are not explicit and inclusive enough and thus lead to consequent problems in legal interpretation and UAV operation control.

As a result, novel and specific regulations regarding UAV or an amendment of the Air Navigation Act B.E.2497 is strongly recommended.

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