A Study of the Operational Results of Tiled Vocational Training Course for Male Prisoners: A Case Study of Chiang Mai Central Prison

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Wiboon Juntaramanee
Phubet Poungkaew
Pakornkit Muangprasit


The purpose of this research was to study attitude, affective factors, problems, obstacles and recommendation guidelines of male prisoners towards tiled vocational training course for male prisoners: a case study of Chiang Mai Central Prison. Research sample consisted of 30 male prisoners, 5 jailers, for a total of 35 informants selecting by purposive sampling. The research instruments were a five-rating scale questionnaire and an interviewed recording form. Data were analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation including content analysis and synthesis.

The results of the research showed that all male prisoners’ attitude towards tiled vocational training course were overall at a high level.  The important factor for successful project operations was the vocational training policy for male prisoners which had guidelines to build careers for male prisoners after being acquitted. Moreover, Department of Corrections had established a coordination center and promoted to create opportunities for male prisoners to be employed after being acquitted. Additionally, the participation of public and private sectors in the development of vocational skills and behavioral development from professional multidiscipline to prepare for independent living and living with people in society after being acquitted. In terms of the obstacles of the vocational training course in terms of legal, regulations contributing to vocational training were still limited for male prisoners because of the vocational training course was necessary to develop male prisoners to have knowledge, understanding, and vocational skills Including the limitation of area, equipment, and the duration of vocational training. Besides, the recommendation guidelines, there should be the emphasis on the participation of all sectors in the development to prepare the male prisoners for their careers after being acquitted and the vocational training should focus on careers for employment, so that the male prisoners can live freely.

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Juntaramanee, W., Poungkaew, P., & Muangprasit, P. (2020). A Study of the Operational Results of Tiled Vocational Training Course for Male Prisoners: A Case Study of Chiang Mai Central Prison. Connexion: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 9(2), 24–37. Retrieved from https://so05.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/MFUconnexion/article/view/248705
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