The Guidelines of Airport Services for Muslim Passengers

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Arnuwat Mahamat
Nantawan Intachat
Waraporn Temkaew


The research aimed to provide the guidelines of airport services for Muslim passengers. The objectives of research were (1) To study the conditions of serviced-problems in the airports (2) To suggest the airport’s services guidelines for Muslim passengers. The research is a qualitative research which is an In-depth Interview from 6 key informants who are proficient in airport management and proficient in conducting services to Thai’s Muslim pilgrims. The research methodology, analysis the data by classify and grouping information, then present as a descriptive method.

The results of the research showed (1) the conditions of serviced-problems for Muslim passengers in airports of Thailand, which are 1) Facilitation, consist with, few numbers of washrooms, washroom should be manned and cleaned according to gender, prayer room is small and mostly located at the landside area, few check-in counters operating during Hajj and Umrah flights, no signpost in local language, few halal foods in service, and no Muslim passenger’s information center. 2) The infrastructures for a service’s area, consist with, a limit space, no precaution to limit people entering airport. 3) Security system, body check on passengers not conduct by same gender with passengers. No dedicated room provides when conducting thorough body check on females. 4) Information of threat, terrorism and political crisis which affect to a safety of airport and flight.

(2) The guidelines, airport services for Muslim passengers, which are, 1) Facilities development as Muslim’s passenger basic characteristics; a Muslim Friendly-Washroom, segregated between dry and wet ablution area, ablution facilities should be accordant with passengers, prayer room should be located at safe, comfortable area, as well as service at airside area and support Halal products. 2) Muslim passenger’s information center; provide information in multiple languages, and in local language. 3) Special flight service for Muslim passengers during Hajj period; provides an assemble hall, increase check-in counter, provide segregated building for service. 4) Providing security for Muslim passengers; body search check on passengers should be conducted by same gender, and dedicated room through body check on females.

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