Key Factors and Management Guidelines of the Rescue Coordination Centre in Thailand

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Manoon Chuenchomkun
Waraporn Temkaew
Apirada Namsang


The research aimed at applying the key factors and guidelines management of the Rescue Coordination Centre in Thailand. The objectives of research were (1) to study and analyze the key factors affecting the management of the Rescue Coordination Centre and (2) to propose guidelines for effective management of the Rescue Coordination Centre. It is a qualitative research. The research tool were studying the document and using an in-depth interview form. The 12 key informants were divided into 3 groups as follows: Executive level personnel of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, Executive level personnel of the Office of the Search and Rescue Commission and Executive level personnel of agencies that support search and rescue units. Purposive sampling was used, with 3 years of experience in search and rescue and perform data analysis by classifying and organizing the data as a group and make a descriptive presentation.

The results of the research showed (1) Based on relevant studies and interviews with in-depth information providers, it was found that the factors affecting the management of the Rescue Coordination Centre consisted of; 1) Personnel with knowledge and expertise in aircraft search and rescue and ships affected by disaster and with adequate manpower. 2) management related to the delegation of legal power or a joint agreement between relevant agencies. 3) Materials and equipment that are up-to-date to be used in operations 4) the budget that is supported by the government and is sufficient to increase operational efficiency. and 5) the organizational structure that supports non-government work (2) Guidelines for effective management of the Rescue Coordination Centre include: 1) Organizational restructuring and management to be an independent agency. Because it is a job that is related to safety and is responsible for the satellite equipment. 2) Making a master plan for organizational and personnel development and the provision of necessary, appropriate equipment, in accordance with the current environment and situation at the beginning, medium and long term. 3) Search and Rescue exercises should be conducted more than once a year as it integrates knowledge. Working skills of various related agencies and being prepared to operate at all times. 4) The case studies of foreign RCC units should be used as a guideline to develop the ARCC of Thailand to meet the standards and be on par with those of other countries. and 5) On scene commander in each area should be assigned appropriately, for example in the case of an aircraft accident on land. Assigning the governor as an on scene commander. In the case of an aircraft accident at sea, it should be assigned to the Naval Command Area to be responsible. Because the Navy specializes in maritime operations. and can be ordered to work immediately.

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