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Wirote Muenthep


This research was to ascertain the factors having influence on conducting research and investigating research conditions among private school teachers, Bangkok and vicinity. This was quantitative research whereas target group was 400 private school teachers, basic education level, Bangkok and vicinity with multi-stage sampling. In this study, questionnaire was employed as tool for data collection while statistics for data analysis included means, standard deviation and multiple regression analysis. Two groups of participants selected in qualitative research were as follows: the first group-private school teachers and the second group-school directors or supervisors for teacher-researchers, totaling 12 participants with purposive sampling. This step involved data collection through in-depth interview and content analysis. The research findings suggested that the factors having influence on conducting research among private school teachers, Bangkok and vicinity were research competency of the teachers, roles of teachers, and school environment with the forecast accuracy coefficient of .781. The overall result regarding research conditions among private school teachers, Bangkok and vicinity was at the high level. However, when each section was analyzed, the result revealed that research competency of teachers was at the highest level, roles of teachers was at high level, and school environment was moderate level respectively.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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