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Worawit Phuengsanguan
Apirada Namsang
Thanyarat Khamproh


The purposes of this research were to examine the cabin crew’s onboard safety situation awareness of the low-cost airline and to study the guidelines to enhance the situation awareness related to the low-cost airline cabin crew’s onboard safety as a suggestion to the airlines. The sample employed in this research was 30 cabin crews of a low-cost airline based at Suvarnabhumi Airport and was obtained by the purposive sampling method. The research instrument was the interview form. The descriptive method was used to analyze and synthesize the collected data. The data from the in-depth interview were analyzed as the primary data and then compared to the secondary data, which were both related documents and research papers. The results showed six issues affected by the situation awareness: 1) Experience; all cabin crew agreed that the increase in situation awareness was influenced by experience. 2) Habituation to the environment; most cabin crews agreed that it affected the decrease in situation awareness. 3) Care and value; the majority of cabin crew agreed that both care and value had an impact on the increase in situation awareness. 4) Safety knowledge; all cabin crew agreed that this improved situation awareness.
5) Duration and frequency of perception; most cabin crews agreed that it affected the increase of the situation awareness and 6) Pattern of stimulus; all cabin crew agreed that the pattern of the stimulus affected the increase of the situation awareness. To improve situation awareness, the cabin crews suggested that the cabin crews should share information about unsafe situations on their flights and that situation awareness content be added to recurrent training.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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