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Chayuth Pongvipatyodhin
Chalerm Gerdmoli
Sorasak Ruangwiset


This research aims to study 1) the level of influence of transformational leadership on innovative organizations; 2) the level of influence of organizational culture on innovative organizations; and 3) the level of influence of transformational leadership, organizational culture, and innovative organizations in the health-promoting hospitals in the executive branch of the Ministry of Public Health. By using the quantitative research method, this study consists of hypothesis testing, correlational study, and data analysis with the structural equation model. The analytical unit is the health-promoting hospitals in the executive branch of the Ministry of Public Health.

The results of the study showed that 1) transformational leadership had a statistically significant positive influence on innovative organizations; 2) organizational culture had a statistically significant influence on the organizational culture at a moderate level; and 3) the study also revealed that transformational leadership had a high influence on innovative organizations through organizational culture at a statistically significant high level in the context of the health-promoting hospitals in the executive branch of the Ministry of Public Health.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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