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ดาวใจ ดวงมณี
เกรียงศักดิ์ ชยัมภร


His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the reigning monarch for more than 60 years. He cared for the Thai peoples with virtues or duties of the king include 1. charity (liberality; generosity), 2. high moral character, 3. self-sacrifice, 4. honesty (integrity)ม 5. kindness and gentleness 6. Austerity (self-control; non-indulgence), 7.non-anger (non-fury), 8. non violence (non-oppression), 9. Patience (forbearance; tolerance), and 10. non-deviation from righteousness; conformity to the law. His Majesty a good model. for the follow his virtues. of Thailand to practice. In Elementary Education course, Social Studies, Religion and Culture for  Elementary Teachers and Practicum 2 course  has virtues or duties of the king  integrated in the course to provide for elementary student teachers  knowledge management. Apply the virtues or duties of the king  in schools. In the with the Thai Qualifications Frameworks for Higher Education in all six areas, namely: 1. Ethics and Moral, 2. Knowledge, 3. Cognitive Skills, 4. Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility, 5. Numerical Analysis, Communication, and Information Technology Skills, and 6. Instructional Management Skills. Therefore, it has adopted the practice guidelines for elementary teacher students and has enhanced the characteristics of graduates in order to become qualified teachers to further develop Thai education.

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ดาวใจ ดวงมณี, Phranakorn Rajabhat University

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