Development Adjusted Levene Statistics with Median for testing the Homogeneity of variance

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Sukanya Sirimat
Parinya Ruengtip
Pattrawadee Makmee
Afifi Lateh


              The objectives of this research were to develop a new adaptive Levene statistic with median to test the equality of variance and to compare the performance of this new adaptive Levenestatistic with the median and Bartlett Levene O’Brien and Brown-Forsythe by considering the ability to control type 1 error and testing power under simulation using Monte Carlo technique

         The result showed that thenew adaptive Levene statistic using the median for testing the variance to test the homogeneity of variancehas been developed. This new statistic developed by this study could control the type 1 error in more situationsthan the Bartlett and Levene statistics. In addition, this one controlled the type 1 error for the comparable to the O’Brien and Brown-Forsythe statistic according to Conover's toughness criteria from all 24situations. This new statistic was used to the data that out of+ the normality, this statistic tended to showmore powerful than that did by the Bartlett, Levene, O’Brien and Brown-Forsythe.

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