Improving Supplementary Readings Concerned Local History for Elementary Students


  • Pornvenus Noomtuam
  • Songkoon Chantachon
  • Sittisak Champadaeng


Development, Supplementary Readings, Local History, Nakorn Champa Si, Fa Daet Song Yang, Sagatenakorn


Abstract The paper was written with the purpose of studying aimed to (1) to examine the background of local history and supplementary documents concerning the background of local history, (2) to investigate the current conditions and problems on studying local history and supplementary documents concerning the local history and (3) to improve the quality of the supplementary readings concerning local history for elementary students. This study was a qualitative research in 3 specific areas including the historical cities of Nakorn Champa Si, Fa Daet Song Yang, and Sagatenakorn. The population chosen for this study included citizens associated with the development of supplementary documents concerning local history in 3 provinces included Maha Sarakham, Kalasin and Roi Et with a purposive sampling of 65 people. Research was conducted through surveys, interviews, observations and focus groups. Using survey forms, questionnaires and observation as research tools, the methods and contents were checked through triangulation. Content analysis was conducted by using related concepts and theories concerned. Data were analysed by descriptive analysis. Research Result It was found that, in the nature of the subject, the study of local history by elementary school students tends to focus on the history, mythology, and archaeological sites. The curriculum for this subject, from first year elementary school level to last year of high school, tends to be classified by the locality of the archaeological sites and grades of the learner. Supplementary readings concerning local history are few and far in between, what documents there are written classroom materials only. Study of the current conditions and the problems of the supplementary readings concerning local history indicates that there are demands in place, that history teachers do want supplementary readings concerning local history, as such things would facilitates the teachings of history lessons, with the status as a distinct subject. The local curriculum can be supplemented by the students being responsible for their own studies of local matters. While published articles and books could prove a useful and convenient method of supplementing the students’ self-study. Further complicating the matter is that the documents are paradoxically designed as a teaching aid and thus are largely concerning the curriculum, making it difficult for standardized publication. There are 6 steps to the development of supplementary readings for elementary school students. The first (1) is the Analysis, the second (2) is Design, the third (3) is Development, the fourth (4) is the Creation process, the fifth (5) is the Assessment process sand The sixth (6) is the Distribution stage.


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