Direct and Indirect Effects of New Marketing Mix on Satisfaction by Using Online Shopping Application


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Direct and Indirect Effects, New Marketing Mix, Application Shopping Online


The objective of this research was to study the influences both direct and indirect effects of new marketing mix on satisfaction by using online shopping application. The sample size was 300 peoples who were generally online shopping application users. They were selected by using the Purposive Sampling Method. Moreover, the data was analyzed by using Structural Equation Modeling. The results of this research show that the model was consistent with the empirical data, which would follow New Marketing Mix had a positive effect directly on satisfaction of application users through Brand Awareness both direct and indirect ways. Then the developers should to focus on give a good experience, exchange, everyplace, and evangelism appropriately. Also, they needed to create more Brand Awareness in order to let the consumers recognize the application, which would lead to more user’s satisfaction.


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