Developing Guidelines of STEAM Education for Primary School Students’ Learning on Designing Floral Craftsmanship based on Thai Royal Court

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Siridhara Soottanon


An important goal of effective primary school education in the modern world is to pave the way for learner’s creativity. However, how to use the floral craftsmanship on enhancing learners’ creativity at early stages of education has not been focused on current pedagogical literatures. In the context of Thailand, the floral craftsmanship based on the royal court is an exquisite art and a valuable national heritage. This study aimed to develop guidelines of STEAM education for primary school students’ learning on designing floral craftsmanship based on Thai Royal court. The guidelines were developed through Nakhon Phanom University Demonstration School Professional Learning Community (NPU PLC). Methodology regarded qualitative research. The developing guidelines were categorized based on NPU PLC planning about the learning activities of STEAM education. The findings revealed that the possible guidelines of activities that could engage students to build physical, social, emotional and intellectual potential primary school students through project-based learning management approaches; aware of occupational and technology for future careers; and build up creativity of designing floral craftmanship based on valuable national heritage. These activities may allow students to practice knowledge about science (e.g., materials) and mathematics (e.g., floral pattern) based on ethical significance (e.g., virtue of nation, religion and the monarchy) and aesthetics and beauty in form of flower arrangement.

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