A Study of Developing Positive Emotions towards the Viewers with Illustrated Encouragement Cards during the Virus Covid-19 Pandemic

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Kanitta Meechubot


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government implemented lockdown measures throughout the country affecting people’s lives and all businesses in the country. The financial situation of many people got worse and declined causing them pressure, stress, and negative emotions which could lead to committing suicide. This research, therefore, aims to combine art and psychological theory in order to create positive emotions by using illustrated encouragement cards, and to make those who look and read the cards feel more relieved. Due to lockdown, people live in separate ways and keep social distancing. Online communication is the most convenient way to stay in touch each other. Consequently, the illustrated encouragement cards are designed for so that people can send their positive attitudes to each

other. They also go to the Samaritans of Thailand’s online platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter to send positive pictures and messages in the cards. The encouragement cards have six patterns containing curves and different characters. The curves and characters depict gentleness, warmth, and positive energy. With combination of art and psychological theories, gray color which is the most relaxing and neutral color is used. Pastel colors are also used to make receivers feel relieved and relaxed, and to soften the cards. The research sample is a group of 257 people who respond to the encouragement cards posted in the Samaritans of Thailand’s Facebook and Twitter by choosing emoji reactions. The results show that 232 people, which is 90.3 %, chose the ‘Thumbs Up’ emoji, 18 people, which is 7%, chose the ‘Beating Heart’ emoji, seven people, which is 2%, chose the ‘Care’ emoji, and two people, which is 0.7%, chose the ‘Crying Face’ emoji. There are some comments relating to the encouragement cards which can be concluded that the viewers like the concept of the illustrated encouragement cards and can feel positive energy and attitudes from them.


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