The Study of the Performance Movement Creation work on Musical “Somtam”

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Vorawan Pinrattanakorn


The study of the performance movement creation work on musical “Somtam”, aims to study steps and processes of working in performance movement creation for the singer who have never had basic of dance or movements before, and also study the movement creation along with their choir. The process of this creation consists of seven steps as follows; 1.Concept Design 2.Forms Programming 3.Music Selection 4.Casting and Rehearsal 5.Choreography 6.Costume Design 7.Show Presentation It was found that the movement creation for the singer should be concern with the lyric first to give them freely to move and improve their movement in a short time. After that, develop more beauty and harmonize with the music to improve the communication with their movement and the efficiency of communicative performance along with the audience aesthetics.


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