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Welcome to academic articles on humanities and social sciences, education and fine arts. The articles submitted for publication must not be a research / academic work that has been published in any journal which comes first or not being considered for publication in other journals. Each article published in this journal must be approved by 2 experts reviewer per article. The editorial department reserves the right to amend the original and the publication of the order first. With suggestions for submitting articles as follows:

Preparing the article


Should be short, compact, able to satisfy the coverage Match
the purpose and story (The title must be in both Thai and English)

Author name

(Name only) Do not enter academic positions or any rank at all, both in Thai and English.


Writing only important content to cover objectives, methods. Study results or suggestions (summary) and must be in both Thai and English. (Not more than 400 words)


Should choose keywords that are related to about 3-5 words. Use Thai and English characters. English-language articles contain only important English words.


Explain the history the importance of the problems of other related research, objectives, assumptions and scope of research Which must also refer to the source of the information


Tell the goals or objectives that the researcher wants to search for the facts Things that should be careful in writing. The purpose of the research is to write what is the target. Not something that is a research methodology. Writing requires a simple, short and compact language and communicate clearly.


Describe the research process by mentioning the data source Data collection methods. How to use educational or research tools and methods of data analysis using language Easy to understand.


Show the results of the research according to the objectives set.


Bring the research results to a brief summary. Make it easy to understand Should not have a lot of data


Explain why this is the conclusion. And how it corresponds or conflicts with other relevant documents or research with reference.


Explain how to use the results of the study to be useful. Or suggestions for problems found in education to be used in the next study.


Write only the references referred to in this article. By writing the APA form according to the specified format and translating the reference document In Thai to English according to the standard and the reference criteria for Foreign Language and put in the section References *** very important


Submission articles

- To type an article on B5 size paper, top margin 1 "bottom 0.75" outside 0.75 "inside 0.75" Using the font TH SarabunPSK

- Type the article on B5 paper using the font type TH SarabunPSK.

  • The title uses font type TH SarabunPSK in bold type, size 18.
  • Name of the researcher uses the font format, TH SarabunPSK, size 15.
  • Main topic uses font type TH SarabunPSK in bold type, size 14.
  • The story uses the font style of TH SarabunPSK, size 14.

With about 10-15 pages of article content

The illustration

The illustration should include the original image file and write the caption. And should write the image number for accuracy and easy to arrange data.


Figure 2. French bulldog


How to References

References in content

1 author

Thai people

Before text : first name/surname/(year of publication) such as Pornphan Chandaeng (2014)

After text : (name/surname,/year of publication) e.g. (Ponphan Chandaeng, 2014)


Before text : last name/(year of publication), e.g. Bramwell (1993)

After text : (surname,/year of publication) e.g. (Bramwell, 1993)

2 authors

Thai people

Before the message : First name/last name and second person/(year of publication)

such as Waraporn Chaowisit and Suwalai Klangdee (1989)

After the message : (first name/surname and 2nd person,/publishing year)

For example (Waraporn Chaowisit and Suwalai Klangdee, 1989)


Before the message : 1st surname/and/ 2nd surname/(year of publication)

like Armstrong and Kotler (2015).

After text : (1st surname,/year of publication/&2nd surname,/year of publication)

For example (Armstrong & Kotler, 2015).

3-5 authors

Thai people

Before the message : name/surname of the person 1,/name/surname of the person who 2,/name/surname of the person who 3,/name/surname of the person who 4,/and the last name of the 5/(year of publication)
first reference
Suwaree Charoenmukyanan, Thavorn Sakulpanich, Patchanee
Thamwanna, Anuchit Sawangjaeng, and Natthida Sukruangrong (2013)

2nd reference onwards

Suwaree Charoenmukyanan and colleagues (2013)

After the message : (name / surname of the person who 1,/name/surname of the person who 2,/name/surname of the person who 3,/name/surname of the person who 4,/and the last name of the 5/,/year of publication)

First Reference
(Suwaree Charoenmukyanan, Thaworn Sakulphanich, Patchanee Thammawanna, Anuchit Sawangchaeng, and Natthida Suk Rueangrong, 2013)


Before text : 1st surname,/ 2nd surname,/ 3rd surname,/ 4th surname,/and/ 5th surname (year of publication)
first reference
Sumngern, Azeredo, Subgranon, Matos, and Kijjoa (2011)

2nd reference onwards

Sumngern et al. (2011)

After the message :

(1st surname,/ 2nd surname,/ 3rd surname,/ 4th surname,/& 5th surname,//year of publication)

first reference

(Sumngern, Azeredo, Subgranon, Matos, & Kijjoa, 2011)

2nd reference onwards
(Sumngern et al., 2011)

Writing a list of references

General book

1 author

such as

Surname,/Acronym of name./(Year of publication)./Title/(First Edition)./Place of publication:/Publisher.

Jandeang, P. (2014). Modern library. Bangkok: Se-Ed Education. (in Thai)

Daniel, W. W. (2013). Biostatistics: Basic concepts and methodology for the health sciences (9th ed.).
New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Note: If there is no published year, please enter (n.d.).


such as

Surname,/Abbreviation of name./(Year of publication)./Title/(Doctoral dissertation or Master's thesis)./Name of institution,/Place of publication.

Angkurawongwatana, A. (2018). Sustainable cultural tourism development using the potential of Lanna local wisdom (Doctoral dissertation). Rangsit University, Pathum Thani. (in Thai)

Rouythanasombat, P. (2015). Study of online shopping behavior and factors affecting consumer’ purchase intention for different generations: Gen Y, Gen X, baby boomer (Master’s thesis). Thammasat University, Bangkok. (in Thai)


Journal Articles

Surname,/abbreviated name./(year of publication)./name of article./name of journal,/year number (issue number),/page number.

Chamnian, M. (2019). Community identity communication for tourism promotion. Journal of Management and Development Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University, 6(1), 235-256. (in Thai)

Joshi, A., Kale, S., Chandel, S., & Pal, D. K. (2015). Likert scale: Explored and explained. British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, 7(4), 396–403.

Orsini, C., & Rodrigues, V. (2020). Supporting motivation in teams working remotely: The role of basic psychological needs. Medical Teacher, 42(7), 828-829.

Note: Article titles will use the same writing rules as general book titles.

Journal Name Write the full name of the journal. and type the first of uppercase except for lowercase prepositions such as of, and, the, an


Information from Website

Department of National Parks wild animals and plants. (2015). The statistic of tourists in national parks in 2013. Retrieved March 3, 2015, from
(in Thai)

United Nation. (2020). World population ageing 2020 highlights. Retrieved March 18, 2021, from

Note Retrieved means "retrieved when".

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