Publication Ethics

Ethics of publishing articles in research and development journals Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

Research and Development Journal Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Focus on maintaining ethical standards when publishing articles. Therefore, all parties involved must strictly abide by the ethical principles and standards of publication.

Responsibilities of Editors and Editors

  1. Editors are responsible for reviewing and reviewing every article submitted for publication with the journal. by considering the correspondence of the article content with the objectives and scope of the journal as well as checking the quality of articles in the article quality assessment process before publication.
  2. Editors must rely primarily on academic reasons when considering articles. and there is no bias towards the author and the article considered under any circumstances. including supporting the academic validity of articles published in journals
  3. Actions are taken to ensure the quality of published research. by giving importance to the new and the clarity of the article as well as related to the scope of the journal
  4. Provide a process for reviewing articles from article assessors who are skilled in the content of articles. There is also a confidentiality system during the evaluation process. And there is a system to protect the personal information of the reviewers.
  5. Editors must have no conflict of interest with authors or experts. whether for the benefit of business  or for their own academic achievements
  6. Editors must seriously examine the plagiarism of others in the article (Plagiarism) by using a reliable program. and is accepted in academic circles
  7. Editors and editors must not block, change or interfere with information exchanged between experts and authors.
  8. Editors must not disclose information of authors and authors of articles to other persons in any case.
  9. Editors and editors must strictly follow the processes and procedures of the journal.
  10. Editors and editors must maintain journal standards. including developing a quality journal that is always up-to-date

Author's responsibilities

  1. An article submitted by the author for consideration for publication in a journal must be an article that has never been published or published anywhere else. including not bringing the manuscript that is still in the evaluation process of the journal to other journals
  2. The author must follow the procedures of the journal. To certify the quality of the content that has been published
  3. The author must not copy the work of others. and must always be cited when citing other people's work in their own article content.
  4. Authors must make accurate references every time when presenting other people's works or citations in their own articles. and must not copy the works of others
  5. The author must pay attention to the writing style of the article as specified by the journal. especially the reference writing style
  6. If it is a research paper has asked for research ethics according to the correct principles If the author's academic work involves the use of animals, participants or volunteers or research findings have issues that are fragile to informants Authors must attach a certificate of ethics from the Human or Animal Research Committee. come with original
  7. The name of the author that appears in the article must be a person who actually participated in the article.
  8. The author must agree to transfer the copyright to the journal before publication. and do not publish the work or publish it with other sources after the publication of the article has been accepted
  9. Information presented in the works Must be facts arising from research studies. The author must not distort, falsify or present false information.

Responsibilities of Reviewer

  1. Article evaluators must realize that they are experts. Have a real understanding of the content of the articles being evaluated
  2. The assessor must not copy the content of the article for personal benefit.
  3. The article evaluator must maintain the evaluation period in accordance with the evaluation time frame set by the journal. including not disclosing the information of the article to others
  4. The article evaluator must not have any conflict of interest with the author. Article quality must be considered when considering the quality of the article. and consider on academic principles and reasons without bias or personal conflict
  5. Article evaluators must not disclose information in articles to other parties.
  6. Articles submitted by the editorial department to qualified persons be an evaluator and it is an article where experts may have conflicts of interest with the author, such as being a participant in the project. or know the author personally or other reasons preventing independent feedback The article's expert should notify the refusal to evaluate that article.