Blended Training Concept: Hands-on and Micro Training through Bring Your Own Device Annop Piyasinchart


  • อรรนพ ปิยะสินธ์ชาติ Invited Lecturer, Program in Sustainable Industrial Management Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon


Blended training, Micro training, Bring your own device


Employees are a precious treasure of an organization. A primary issue of every organization is how to enhance the competency of employees. The author purposes a new concept for blended training by integrating online micro training-chunking content into small parts lasting not more than 10 minutes and hands-on training through bring your own device concept. This blended training will fit individual employee’s training needs because they can access knowledge topic anytime, anywhere without leaving their work place.


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