Artistic Style of Srivijaya Period: Pattern and Adaptation

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Nanthawut Sitthiwang
Kiriya chayakul Sitthiwang


The purpose of this research is to survey, collect and study the decorative patterns on sculptures and other archaeological objects in Srivijaya art that found in the southern region of Thailand in order to understand its decorative character. Decorative pattern is an interesting topic that many scholars have studied. However, most of them focus on royal style, while regional styles are rarely found. The art of the southern region is, therefore, part of Thai art which should be intensively explored and researched. Srivijaya art is able to regard as a basic of southern art identity and is a subject to be studied of this project. The result of this study shows that Srivijaya art is a reflection of various influences of styles from India, central Java and Khmer and has not been developed into its unique style. However, when they are applied in creative and design works, they clearly show uniqueness of local identity. They are also able to serve commercial purposes as well as being part of southern characteristic.


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