The Development of Augmented Reality Application to Guide Tourists in Tourist Attractions in Sa Kamphaeng Yai Sanctuary at Utumpon Phisai District in Sisaket Province

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Pimpila Kongkhaw
Lattagarn Kuikaew


The aims of this research were to 1) develop a mobile application for guiding in Sa Kamphaeng Yai Sanctuary and 2) valuate user’s satisfaction regard guiding application in Sa Kamphaeng Yai Sanctuary. The samples of the study were 3 Khmer history specialists, 3 Information technology specialists, and 400 tourists selected by purposive sampling and requirement specification.  The instruments of this study were 1) Prasat Sa Kamphaeng Yai’s Augmented Reality Application and 2) a satisfaction questionnaire. There were applied content analysis and basic statistical analysis as percentage, mean and standard deviation. The research findings showed that: 1) the Prasat Sa Kamphaeng Yai guiding application on mobile phone works by Augmented Reality (AR) on Android system. Tourists can use this application through scanning the QR code on the brochure to download AR Prasat Sa Kamphaeng Yai application, then scan point markers on the brochure, which are ; Point 1 general information, point 2 the wall, point 3 the main pagodas, point 4 the single pagoda, point 5 the north Bannalai (library)  and point 6 the south Bannalai and farewell 2) overall satisfaction is 4.11, the interesting content has the highest rating, the rate is 4.14, the second is easy to use application functionality, the rate is 4.06 and the designing of application, the rate is 4.03.


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Kongkhaw, P. ., & Kuikaew, L. . (2022). The Development of Augmented Reality Application to Guide Tourists in Tourist Attractions in Sa Kamphaeng Yai Sanctuary at Utumpon Phisai District in Sisaket Province. Parichart Journal, Thaksin University, 35(4), 116–131.
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