Effects of Group Study on Promotion of Islamic Ethics in Adherence to Faith among Muslim Youth in Khaling Village, Pithen Subdistrict, Thung Yang Daeng District, Pattani Province

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Humairo Deemuleh
Kasetchai Laeheem


This action research aimed to study the effects of group study on Islamic ethics promotion in adherence to the faith among Muslim youth in Khaling Village, Pithen Subdistrict, Thung Yang Daeng District, Pattani Province. The target group was 1 0 Muslim youth who scored low on a test measuring Islamic ethics in adherence to the faith. The group study was conducted from June to July 2016 using Kemmis and Mctaggart ( 2 0 0 0 ) ’ s approach consisting of four steps: plan, action, observation, and reflection. The data were analyzed using paired samples t- test. The study found that after the use of group study, overall, the Muslim youth had statistically higher Islamic ethics in adherence to the faith and in all the four components at the level 0.001. The results of this study would help individuals and organizations concerned to formulate good policies and concrete strategies for promoting and supporting Muslim youth to have higher Islamic ethics in adherence to the faith.


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