Developing of Internal Quality Assurance System Model in Private School Under Nonthaburi Primary Education Service Area Office 1

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Sun Sukseethong
Pornthep Muangman
Nitaya Srimakutphun


The research objectives were to (1) study operational conditions and problems in operation of internal quality assurance of private educational institute. (2) design and develop the model of internal quality assurance system and (3) certify the model of internal quality assurance system of private educational institute. The process of this research were 6 steps: Step 1: study the operation condition and problems using questionnaire. Step 2: study from related theories and research. Step 3: study for model developing using focus group discussion. Step 4: develop the model prototype using workshop. Step 5: Evaluate the model by experts. Step 6: verity the model using focus group discussion. From 7 experts. In quantitative research term, data were collected from 86 samples of personnel responsible for internal quality assurance in 16 private school. With a questionnaire about operating conditions and problems in the implementation of internal quality assurance of educational institutions.

The research found that: (1) operating condition of internal quality assurance as a whole was at the highest level. In general, the problem of conducting internal quality assurance at moderate level. 2) The model of internal quality assurance system of private educational institutions, consist of preparation before quality assurance with SBM, RBM, TQM and implementation of World café. The operation of quality assurance system, establishment of eight-step. (3) The seven-expert were qualified the developed model of internal quality assurance system is accurate, appropriate. It was very useful and feasible to implement with very good level.


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Sukseethong, S., Muangman, P., & Srimakutphun, N. (2019). Developing of Internal Quality Assurance System Model in Private School Under Nonthaburi Primary Education Service Area Office 1. Ph.D. ocial ciences ournal, 9(3), 775-788. etrieved from
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