Coercive Legal Measures for Enforcing the Treatment of Psychiatric Patients

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Sirasit Choorod
Kijbodi Kongbenjapunch
Possawat Kanoknark
Sumate Roykulcharoen


The objective of this research is to study the conditions of problems, the scope, and guidelines for protecting the rights of patients in general psychiatric settings in criminal cases. The researcher locates appropriate guidelines from foreign jurisdictions that can be adapted for use in the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Thailand (Thailand). The researcher used the qualitative research approach by collecting data through documentary research. Data were analyzed using content analysis and comparative analysis.

Findings are as follows: There are certain limitations to enforcing mental health law, since this body of law does not fully cover all circumstances and is unclear in practice. This leads to confusion between interpretations provided by members of the medical profession and those given by members of the legal profession. Those who serve on Infirmary Boards involving mental health patients in infirmaries and especially in large hospitals are insufficient in number. Exaggerated news presentations by the media purveying the intent to defame patients or their families do not carry clear penalties for purported infractions. In regard to the rehabilitation of patients, responsible agencies or organizations are not clearly determined. The use of the right to appeal orders for treatment of mental disorders overlap since carried out through various channels. The protection of persons working with officials in the treatment of general patients has not yet been provided.


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Choorod, S., Kongbenjapunch, K., Kanoknark, P., & Roykulcharoen, S. (2020). Coercive Legal Measures for Enforcing the Treatment of Psychiatric Patients. Ph.D. In Social Sciences Journal, 10(1), 164–178. Retrieved from
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