Legal Measures for Protecting Housing Estate Purchasers

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Watcheera Tapaniyanan
Kalaya Tansiri
Suchart Thammapitagkul
Poom Chokmoh


This research article aims to study to (1) the background and importance of problems in protecting housing estate purchasers, (2) concepts and theories on protecting housing estate purchasers, (3) legal Measures for protecting housing estate purchasers under the law of Thailand and foreign countries, (4) analyze problems of the purchase of housing estates in respect of land allocation permission criteria, and (5) propose directions to improve the laws of Thailand to be efficient and fair for housing purchases. The researchers used the qualitative research methodology by using 3 methods of data collection, namely documentary research, questionnaire distributed to 400 people and in-depth interviews of 16 people. Data were analyzed using content analysis techniques and comparison interpretation.

The results of the research revealed that the legal measures to protect purchasers of housing estates under the Land Development Act, B.E. 2543 have some gaps which business owners may avoid the application of land allocation. The law must be amended for the sale of the land that has been divided into sub-plots, no matter how many plots, dividing from a single plot or several plots of land from the same connecting area for remuneration, no matter how many years of business, the business owner must apply for permission to allocate the land. In addition, it was found that there is no standard in the measures to review the effectiveness of the contract to buy and sell the allocated land. The post-allocation sell advertisement is not protected by this law. Therefore, the law must be revised to impose standard contract form and must be reviewed by the committee. The contract must clearly specify the defect warranty period.


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Tapaniyanan, W. ., Tansiri, K., Thammapitagkul, S. ., & Chokmoh, P. (2021). Legal Measures for Protecting Housing Estate Purchasers. Ph.D. In Social Sciences Journal, 11(2), 442–456. Retrieved from
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