The Comparative Legal Studies on the Legal Regulations Toward the Alcohol Consuming in the Public Area

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Wasin Suwannarat
Arachamon Pichetworakoon
Nutcha Sukhawattanakun
Panupong Chalermsin
Surinrat Kaewtong
Pornpon Thedthong


This research paper, aimed at assessing the potential of current alcohol control measures in public areas of Thailand, establishing stakeholder cooperation mechanisms, and analyzing policy, legislation and law enforcement issues on alcohol consumption control. In the public areas of Thailand and abroad. The data collection methods used were documentary research, questionnaire responses from 500 people in Songkhla province and focus group discussion of 10 key informants. The statistics used were percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test and F-test, and analyzing the data by using content analysis and comparison techniques.

The research results found that currently, public areas under the alcohol laws are not sufficient enough to protect such public safety. Therefore, the control of alcohol consumption in public areas in Thailand requires a cooperative mechanism between law enforcement, shop operators and consumers, especially the community areas and the overlapping areas with the private area. It is also necessary to broaden the meaning of the public space like the measures for controlling the consumption of alcohol in public areas of the United States, Australia, France and Singapore where the definition of public spaces is broad, not just any area as defined by Thailand. This will make law enforcement become more effective.


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Suwannarat, W., Pichetworakoon, A., Sukhawattanakun, N., Chalermsin, P., Kaewtong, S., & Thedthong, P. (2021). The Comparative Legal Studies on the Legal Regulations Toward the Alcohol Consuming in the Public Area. Ph.D. In Social Sciences Journal, 11(1), 187-202. Retrieved from
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