The Way of Life of Masjid Hajidaud Personnel through the Process of Halaqoh Al-quran

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Abdulroya Benseng


This qualitative research aimed to study The way of life of Masjid Hajidaud personnel through the process of Halaqoh Al-quran. The study was conducted through deep interview and observed behavior using sample groups of 30 people, consisting of 13 men and 17 women with 75 samples totally by purposive  sampling those samples whowere unable to read or having slow reading with  the following study step :

           1.Researchers has conducted the Halaqah by himself 2. The time were divided into two shift,one hour after subhi prayer and weekly one hour Friday night           after Muqrib prayer 3. They were asked to recite one  page of Alquran 4. Researcher describes the meaning some of Quranic verses till everyone understand. 5 One of members was asked to conclude the Quranic verses that were taught by researcher    6. Researcher used the observed form to follow up their behavior periodically plus interviewing beside observation

The study found that The way of life of Halaqoh member were developed as they become more family lover, more responsibility, more  punctuality, and more unity, the  study  also found that one member has a big change specially he has changed the teenagers life from heavy smokers, football gambling to the life of Masjid environment. In addition they were found that they have develop their Alqur-an reciting fluently.


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