The Quest for Identity in Howl’s Moving Castle

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Fostering children identity since adolescence is important since identity has a long-term effect on the basis of living. To achieve this goal, children’s literature can be used as simulation and media to educate and nurture children mindset. This study is conducted to explore identity developmental process of the female protagonist, Sophie, in Diana Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle and to investigate the effects of the quest on identity development. The study is analyzed by using Joseph Campbell’s The Hero Journey and James Marcia’s Identity Status as theoretical frameworks. The results reveal that experiences from the quest journey highly influence Sophie’s self-perception and identity. After series of trials, she gradually changes from a dependent and submissive woman with negative self-perception to an independent and confident woman with acknowledgement of herself. The acknowledgement of herself leads Sophie to have freedom to live as she wants. This study points out that adventurous journey helps cultivate a well-developed identity


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