rEFLections invites reviews of current books in Applied Linguistics or ELT that need to have been published since 2018. Book reviews should be about 800 – 1000 words.

Reviews submitted should provide a constructive critique of the arguments and content of the book, its major strengths and limitations based on the aims of the author including the important academic references related to theory and research in the area to support your argument.

To help you prepare an effective review, it should include:

  1. A brief overview of the content of the book.
  2. An introduction to the purposes of the book and its intended audience.
  3. A critique of the content and the argument of the book (references to other work should be included in the critique).
  4. An assessment of the suitability of the book for teachers, practitioners, students, etc.

All reviews will be considered for publication on the basis of the quality of the overall evaluation of the book and organization of the arguments.

For sample book reviews, please consult current issues of the journal at

For inquiries, please contact Punjaporn Pojanapunya (Book Reviews Editor) at