Philosopher, Writer, Academician for Peace: Ahmad Somboon Bualuang


  • Saman Aungamsin


Ahmad Somboon Bualuang, the local historian of Patani Melayu Muslim who had spent years tracing Siam-Pattani history to impart the knowledge to the Muslim community on
various occasions. These accumulated experiences are the reflection of the bitter feeling of injustice that Melayu Muslims have always experienced from the government. He realized the strong desire these people yearning to express their identity. He therefore chose to divert his life to become an academician for peace to meet their needs by linkage the government and civil society sectors. He had travelled to Europe and Asia to meet and speak with international dissenters to pin their trust building and explicitly invite them into peace dialogue. Recently, Ahmad Somboon Bualuang, Man of Peace of Patani Melayu, has left us but the Patani peacebuilding mission he had envisioned has not been achieved.
Who would carry on this heavy duty?


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