Kru Mo Manora: From a City Boy to a Descendant of Kru Mo Manora


  • Suradet Thongbunchu Corporate Communication and Global Affairs Center


Kru Mo Manora, Descendant of Kru Mo Manora


Although the author grew up in an urban context-studying, pursuing education, traveling abroad, and having been influenced by diverse cultures, traditions, and beliefs from other societies, being a descendant of Kru Mo Nora (spirits of ancient Nora masters) seems to be deeply rooted in his blood. Previously, Nora’s descendance, however, was not very noticeable in author’s way of life, but the signs of being Nora’s bloodline have grown more apparent when the time is right and even when being away from that culture. Therefore, being descendant of Manora brings us back to our own ancestors; what used to be misty has become a reality seen with eyes and touched with heart. As a descendant, an important duty is to show gratitude to Kru Mo Nora by remembering the virtues of the ancestors who has spiritually protected and taken care of their children, making us who we are today.


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