A Monitoring of Shelters Progression after Relocation from Under-bridge Communities: A Case Study of Pracha Uthit 76 Community

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Sudthreeya Makget


Songdej Daramas studied about under-bridge settlement in Bangkok metropolitan, it was found that Bangkok has 65 under-bridges communities from 21 districts. Most of the population are freelancers, grocers, and antiquary whose income is not more than 3,000 baht per month, with debt and no savings. The physical characteristics of the residence will use the bridge lab beam as the roof. The wall was made from used galvanized sheet, rope, wood, and plastic. Therefore, this is an attempt to improve the quality of life and develop a community environment. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the National Housing Authority (NHA) took responsibility for this project factored in 1993. The NHA provided vacant land with utility. The under-bridge community is divided in three that are Prachauthit 76, Onnuch and Permsin-Orngen Road.               Since the initiation of the community in 2001. The study found that there have been three types of housing formation, namely, type 1, which has remained unchanged. The residents have planned to build their home from the outset. They already have sufficient income in the beginning to build their housing. Type 2, the houses have been gradually changed along the way become the residents have gained sufficient income to improve and repand their home afterward. Type 3, which could be changed only with the assistance of public and private agencies due to their remaining insufficient income.             This study demonstrates the housing built in Pracha Uthit 76 is still below the NHA standard, however the housing size is somehow suitable to their socio-economic status. The main task in the lack of consistency application planning to maintain a sustainable urban community to create a story sense of the organization with local people involved in decision made.

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