Effects of an E-Dictionary-based Enhancer Vocabulary Learning Model

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Hui Cai
Sarit Srikhao


This study aimed to develop and examine E-dictionary-based Enhancers Vocabulary Learning (EEVL) Model in which three enhancement techniques help learners learn target words by using an e-dictionary while reading a text. Its effects were investigated by comparing an experimental group with a control group. One hundred graduate first-year students participated in the experiment which was in the form of a test. The results revealed that the difference between the experimental group and the control group in learning the meaning of the target words was found to be significant at 0.05 level of confidence.  The EEVL Model was proved effective. Eighty two point two percent of participants in the experimental group showed their preference toward the EEVL Model. The EEVL Model may be applied in a TEFL CALL course for intensive reading; and it may be made into a self-study program of learning vocabulary.


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