Development of Visual Product Creativity Indicators for Grade 4-6 Students

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Yanyong Na Bangchang
Prapansiri Susoarat
Rungtiwa Yamrung


Nowadays, Individuals with product creativity are in demand in the labor market. Therefore, Thai education needs to develop product creativity for students from studying documents And related research found that There has not been any study of product creativity regarding indicators and explain the indicators of product creativity so the researcher is interested in studying this research to develop indicators and explain the indicators of product creativity of grade 4-6 students by using the delphi techniques.

The results of the research showed that There are 6 indicators for productive creativity and 18 indicators for explanation of indicators. The indicators of product creativity are indicators that focus on students to be able to produce products efficiently. Is in demand among general people. Responsible to the community and the environment. Therefore, the result will be a guideline for teachers use the indicators of product creativity in learning management, assess work and develop students to have higher product creativity so that students can apply for careers and develop the nation to be able to progress with the country.


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