Work Frustration of Teachers at Large-Sized Outstanding Secondary Schools Under the Office of the Basic Education Commission

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Prasit Phaiyklin


This quantitative research aimed to investigate the levels and comparison of the frustration on working efficiency of large-sized outstanding secondary school teachers. The data were collected in thefollowing topics: gender, status, work experience and location of the working places. The sample consisted of 400 secondary school teachers under the Office of the Basic Education Commission, which were calculated by using Stratified Random Sampling.  The findings of the study were as follows: 1) the majority of the teachers’ frustration levels were low, 2) the comparison of work frustration of those secondary school teachers did not appear to significantly different at the statistical level of 0.05.


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Phaiyklin, P. (2022). Work Frustration of Teachers at Large-Sized Outstanding Secondary Schools Under the Office of the Basic Education Commission. Suranaree Journal of Social Science, 16(1), 44–62.
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