Thai Rice Noodle: A Reflection of Breakfast Gastronomic Behavior of Pa Phayom People, Phatthalung Province

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Purawich Phitthayaphinant


This research described the consumers’ demographic and socio-economic characteristics and their gastronomic behavior on Thai rice noodle, investigated their opinions on the service marketing mix of Thai rice noodle restaurants, and examined what factors are important in determining their differences in expenditure on Thai rice noodle eating. Pa Phayom district, Phatthalung province was selected as the research area. Primary data were collected using structured questionnaires from a total sample of 400 consumers eating Thai rice noodle at Thai rice noodle restaurants at least once a week. These samples were selected using the accidental sampling technique. Descriptive statistics and hierarchical regression analysis were applied for data analysis. The results revealed that more than half of the consumers were female with an average age of 37.66 years. Their average income was 13,949.13 baht per month and average expenditure on Thai rice noodle eating was 33.58 baht per a visit. The service marketing mix of Thai rice noodle restaurants in terms of product, price, place, people, physical evidence, and process was highly important. Moreover, the service marketing mix of Thai rice noodle restaurants in terms of promotion was moderately important. The statistically significant negative variable determining the expenditure on Thai rice noodle eating was gender. Conversely, the statistically significant positive variables determining the expenditure on Thai rice noodle eating were education level, income, frequency of Thai rice noodle eating, and quantity of Thai rice noodle eaten. Based on the results, it is suggested that the Thai rice noodle restaurant entrepreneurs should use “TCOP” strategy to meet the consumers’ satisfaction.


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Phitthayaphinant, P. (2021). Thai Rice Noodle: A Reflection of Breakfast Gastronomic Behavior of Pa Phayom People, Phatthalung Province. Suranaree Journal of Social Science, 16(1), 1–25.
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