A Follow-up of Pre-Service Biology Teachers in Teaching Practices From Faculty of Education at Prince of Songkla University

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Supakan Buatip
Hamidah Musa
Somsak Buatip


       The purpose of this research was to study the evaluation on professional experience of pre-service biology teachers in Faculty of Education, Prince of Songkla University during the academic years 2016-2019. The sample group consisted of 17 pre-service biology teachers, 3 supervisors and 4 mentors. The research instruments were a Teaching Practice Assessment Form with 3 components: 1) stage of preparing learning activities, 2) stage of conducting learning activities in the classroom and 3) the aspect of personality trait for being a great teacher. Quantitative data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation and independent sample t-test, and qualitative content which were comments from supervisors and mentors were analyzed by content analysis.

       The results showed that the evaluation level in each item of all aspects were very good and the average score was higher than 3.50. Moreover, there was no significant difference, statistically, between supervisors and mentor’s evaluation score at .05 on the factors of the school types, schools' provinces, and pre-service teachers’ academic year, except the aspect score on teacher characteristics of pre-service teachers.

       The content analysis from supervisors and mentors’ opinions found that most of students have developed their teaching expertise continuously. They can adjust and improve their teaching skills according to the supervisors and mentors’ suggestions such as improving their learning activities to get more interesting, fostering morals, values and ethics in students' minds, promoting students’higher thinking skills through activities, and using different classroom management strategies.


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Buatip, S., Musa, H., & Buatip, S. (2022). A Follow-up of Pre-Service Biology Teachers in Teaching Practices From Faculty of Education at Prince of Songkla University. Suranaree Journal of Social Science, 16(1), 63–77. https://doi.org/10.55766/UYOC1932
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