Science Teachers’ Perceptions of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK): A Case Study of Opportunity Expansion School in Chaiyaphum

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Chotikun Rinla
Thitiya Bongkotphet
Wipharat Chuachuad Chaiyasith


       This qualitative research is a case study that examines the perceptions of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) of three lower secondary science teachers from Opportunity Expansion School in Chaiyaphum. Data was collected from teacher interviews, lesson plans, and classroom observations. Data was analyzed through content analysis and methodological triangulation was used to ensure the credibility of this research. The results reveal that most of the teachers perceived that their content knowledge was consistent with scientific concepts. However, they perceived that their technological pedagogical content knowledge was inconsistent with the TPACK framework. The teachers were more likely to use technology in their lectures which reflects that they could not use technology-specific content and pedagogy due to lacking knowledge how to integrate content, pedagogy, and technology. The findings from the present study could be used to design professional development programs to enhance technological pedagogical content knowledge for lower secondary science teachers in Opportunity Expansion Schools.


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