Demand Analysis of Undergraduate Students in Thai Higher Education Institutions Towards Entrepreneurship Program

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Pornprasit Denmoree
Sirichan Sathirakul Tachaphahapong
Achara Chandrachai


The objectives of this research were to study the current state of entrepreneurship programs in Thailand; and, to determine the need for entrepreneurship programs among undergraduate students. Four sample groups were used: (1) eight administrators at universities where undergraduate entrepreneurship programs are offered; (2) 15 purposively sampled administrators at universities of the demand for entrepreneurship programs; (3) 20 purposively sampled entrepreneurs; and, (4) 390 quota sampled undergraduate students from each university category in each of the four regions of the country. This research is a qualitative and quantitative research. Data analysis was conducted through content review. The statistics used were frequency and percentage.

The research produced conclusions as follows. Firstly, undergraduate entrepreneurship programs are offered by eight universities: one public university, four Rajabhat universities, one Rajamangala university and two private universities. Most programs have been in place for longer than five years and their curricula involve 128-133 credits. Secondly, it was determined that most administrators, entrepreneurs and students are in need of short-term entrepreneurship programs where each subject requires one to two hours of study. The five subjects the majority of students are interested in are marketing, entrepreneurship, business planning, finance, and, strategy management.

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Denmoree, P., Sathirakul Tachaphahapong, S., & Chandrachai, A. (2021). Demand Analysis of Undergraduate Students in Thai Higher Education Institutions Towards Entrepreneurship Program. Connexion: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 10(2), 51–63. Retrieved from
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