Luminous Landscape Painting in Pointillistic Style


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Luminous, Landscape Painting, Pointillistic


The creative method was used in this research. Structured interviews were used to collect data. It was conducted by Applied Delphi Technique and analyzed creatively to develop painting products. The purposes of this research were 1) to study the 8 paintings of Georges Seurat in terms of pointillism 2) to study the chiaroscuro of 7 treeslandscape silhouette photos in terms of luminaries and areas of darkness and brightness 3) to create the paining entitled “Luminous Landscape Painting in Pointillistic style in acrylic on canvas”. The sample included eight paintings of Georges Seurat and 7 treeslandscape silhouette photos. Data was collected using grid table, structured observation checklist, structured interview, including 4 paintings in the 1st time and 2nd time created by researcher. Delphi technique was applied to collected data from artistic specialist. Data was analyzed in percentage.
          The findings revealed as follows.
          1. The small points of ellipse were mostly adopted for the 8 paintings of Georges Seurat followed by the bigger ones. The bigger ones and the smaller ones of circle points were nearly found in average while stippling was rarely used. Pointillist painting with colour fringing was mostly found while the overlapping was averagelyfound and adjacent style was rarely used.
          2. The study of chiaroscuro of 7 trees silhouette photos in terms of luminaries revealed that the luminaries mostly started from the upper right corner of the painting. As for areas of darkness and brightness, the dark and dim areas was mostly shown whereas the brighter areas was rarely adopted.
          3. The creation of paining entitled “Luminous Landscape Painting in Pointillistic Style” in acrylic on canvas, revealed that the small points of ellipse were mostly used followed by the bigger ones. The bigger ones and the smaller ones of circle points were used in average while stippling was rarely used. Pointillist painting with colour fringing was mostly used the overlapping, was averagely adopted adjacent style, was rarely used in some areas. The luminaries mostly started from the upper right corner of the painting. The dark and dim areas were more adopted than brighter areas.


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