The Beginning of Lao’s Education in Photography

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Pat Kotchapakdee


This research is qualitative research with the objectives of studying the history of the education in photography in Laos PDR by collecting the data from the target group of people related to photography and education in Laos. The target group of 11 people was selected using the purposive sampling method. The collected data was analyzed according to the objectives through two types of data analysis: the analysis of the documents and field data.

The result of the data analysis according to important historical, political, social, and economic events and the basic components that affect the history and the development of the education of photography in Laos PDR shows that it can be divided into four eras: 1. The Colonial and Kingdon of Laos Era (1893 – 1974), 2. Liberated Era (1975 – 1985), 3)  New Imagination Era, and 4. Digital Era (2001 – present), of which the starting point and the development were 20 years behind similar studies done in other parts of the world due to the domestic events that directly affect the study on photography in Laos PDR.


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