Cyberstalking in the Modern Era

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Kanchana Meesilapavikkai


Cyber, cyberspace, and cyber connection implicate each other in the context because of advanced technology in the modern era. Consequence makes something happen as cyberstalking which can make anyone quickly become the offender as well as victims. Women’s & Gender Center (2021) mentions that cyberstalking refers to the use of the Internet or other telecommunication technologies to harass or stalk another person. Gordon (2021) and University Module Series: Cyber Crime (2020) mention about cyberstalking examples that can define in positive and negative trend.

Impact of cyberstalking is presented by evidence of mental state and property. Cyberstalking should be taken seriously by the legal authorities and victim assistance professionals. This article shows Figure 1: Cyberstalking Model: The Relationship of Cyber, Cyber Connections, Cybercrimes, Cyberstalking and Cyberstalking Laws. Prevalence of negative impact and cybercrimes bring on the victims' well-being, cyberstalking and relevant laws challenge for enforcement


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