Local Museum Management, Nonthaburi Province


  • Pattaravadee Siriwan


Management, Local Museums, Nonthaburi Province


     This research aims to study the management of 20 local museums in Nonthaburi Province, analyze visitors’ problems, obstacles and needs by focusing on factors leading to success and failure. The study is a qualitative research, and data are collected from documents, field studies, observations and interviews of target group. The result shows that 10 out of 12 museums opening for services are in the care of government agency, and each museum is taken care of by one official. In addition, annual budget is allocated by the government for the care of the museums, including donations. Officials are assigned to take care of these local museums, including 1) Royal Irrigation Department Machinery Museum 2) Wat Poramai Yikawat Museum 3) Wat Ton Chua Museum 4) Wat Bang Oi Chang Museum 5) Museum of Nature 6) National Health Archives and Museum 7) Health Family Planning Museum 8) Condom Museum 9) Quartermaster Royal Thai Army Museum 10) Nonthaburi Province Museum. Only four museums have database system management, and two of them belong to private sector, including 1) Satellite Museum and 2) Ban kroo MontreeTramot Museum. The two museums are funded by the government. Data and information systems are systematically managed, and the number of visitors are recorded to ensure satisfaction.


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