The Technique of Jazz Drumming Propagation: The Construction of A Jazz Drumming Instructional Package for Thai Undergraduates.


  • Rungkiat Siriwongsuwan


The technique of jazz drumming propagation, Instructional Packages, Jazz drumming, Thai undergraduates.


     The objective of this research is to study The technique of jazz drumming propagation: The construction of a jazz drumming instructional package for Thai undergraduates.

      According to the result, the study can be concluded that 1. Most of the instructors are likely to conduct an individual and a group teaching for music assembles because they can share their own techniques for the class 2. Teaching methods are broadly similar; for example, Snare Drum and Com ping, Snare Pattern Swing and Com ping, Bass Drum Technique, Jazz Note Reading, and Jazz Performing. The teaching methods are subject to students’ capabilities 3. There are no main media, instruments, and textbooks. Many of them are becomingly used in class. Drills are also designed based on instructors’ direct experiences 4. Tests on music and drills are applied for measurement and evaluation.

     The processes of instructional media creation are methodically evaluated by specialists with the specific sample from 10 music students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University.

       The findings for the effectiveness of the instructional media are above the average at 80/80 and the comparison of the achievement of pre and post drills reveals that the achievement from post drills is more than pre drills at the average of 25.10 with the standard deviation at 4.33, T test at 18.32 and the statistical significance level of 05.


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